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Last Scream Records
Last Scream Records

Among the Lost (2009)

Apeiron - Among the Lost
1. Into the Deep
2. Voids of Breath
3. Hendra
4. Clutches of Despair
5. The Last Page
6. Scavenging Thoughts
7. Red Waters of Acheron
8. The Crossing
9. Through Me You Enter...
10. Among the Lost

Produced and recorded by Apeiron at Ironape Project Studio.
Mixed at [Fear Studio] by Simone Mularoni in July-August 2009. Edited and mastered by [Alessandro Vanara].
Guest vocals on "Clutches of Despair" by Gianluca Melino from Alligator.
Guest guitar solo on "The Crossing" by Diego Cavallotti from [Within Your Pain]
Printed by Ecofina.

©2002-2009 Apeiron. Tutti i diritti riservati.