The Last Page

Streams of concrete
fill my searching eyes
and mountains of steel darken the skies
darkened already by the breath of the beasts
that lay and provide us our venomous feasts

we grow
virus of the Earth
destroying our giver of birth
covered her body with heavy excuse
ages have passed but remains the abuse

I was a hunter
armed with my own rage
I'm a beast confined
in a breathtaking cage

if only time had written
just one page
Id never be
bound to carnage

stolen ground turned to ease and comfort
traded for our packed daily dues

no more
shall we fear the wild
what is this that life we call the use

we've forgotten being guests
enzymes that soil and sky digest
unhappy for our pain to be
careless of our true destiny

the undergrowth
which gave us light
now smothers under an uneven fight
my grief and my shadow is all I own

remorse and regret I've learnt as I've grown

we are matricides in our longing for almightiness
as we drown in a turmoil of foolishness
she gave us a power we used to arise
but the power has blinded our own eager eyes