The Crossing

Im free from being one
Shedding my egos boundaries
Unrestrained part of the endless all.

The being inside me
Spreading in syntony
with the soaring cosmos
ripping from redeeming wounds

I fear to dare the unknown
Reassured hypocrisy certain
Yearning for a glimmer
While were blind to real light

Trust my freedom
Feed my ego
As a slave

Existence end in itself
Primordial conscience
A cell of blending fragments
Is lost before a gathering being

Piercing through my mind
Shapeless state of soul
Spark of life

Gathering forces that come from the inside
Individual demise

A grain of all
That all portrays
Enclosed, the essence of unity

Shadows from the past
Morphing into the all
Beyond all we can grasp

Spirit, shapeless state of soul
Being moulded far beyond

Its transmigration
Sowes the seed of life
The all