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Last Scream Records

In the archive there are 46 news published in the year 2003.

04 Gen2003

New gig

Apeiron schedule a new concert at La Sfinge in Brescia, Italy. For further info, visit the [live] section.

05 Gen2003

New review

You can read the first 2003 review of "Endternity" on the pages of [] (in italian, sorry). To read other Apeiron's reviews you can go to the [media room] section.

11 Gen2003

Live section updated

From now on, you can see the adverts of past and scheduled gigs by consulting the [live] section.

13 Gen2003

New review

You can read a new, good review of "Endternity". You will find it on the webpages of [Nero Opaco] (only in italian). To read other reviews we invite you to visit the [media room] section.

16 Gen2003

Review added

Now you can find on the web, in the pages of [Midnightempirezine], a new review of "Endternity".

18 Gen2003

Change in line-up and future gigs

With the new year, Apeiron announce important news after publishing the first demo CD "Endternity".
The singer Claudio Passeri leaves the band because of diverging musical ideas and targets; wishing he may find a band in line with his needs, Apeiron have already begun searching a valid substitute, though not interrupting the scheduled shows.
The band's live activity, beginning with a series of gigs at the end of last year, will continue with Endternity's promotion, also through collaboration from many Italian bands. The nearest appointments will be February 1st at "Sitting Bull" (Certosa di Pavia), with the band Decadence, and march 2nd at "La Sfinge" in Brescia.
The musical production hasn't been interrupted by the live events: infact, many ideas forecast the new album's construction, and some songs have already been presented live.

27 Gen2003

New Mp3 and new interview!

A new big update for In the [download] section three new songs have been added: two cover (In Flames and Dark Tranquillity) and a new song (the working title is "Arise"). In the [media room] section you can find a new Apeiron interview (in english!) done by [Possessed] german webzine.
From now on, we have a new selling point in Padova (Italy). For this, our gratefullness goes to Enrico Pajaro of [This Illusion], further infos in the [shop] section.

31 Gen2003

New selling points

From now on, you can find "Endternity" in in two new selling points in Rome: "Disfunzioni Musicali" and "Transmission Records". Further infos can be found in the [shop] section.

05 Feb2003

Members section updated

Updated Alessio's gear sheet in [members] section.

06 Feb2003

New review

On the web you can find a new review of "Enternity". You can read it on [Brutalism]. News also in the [members] section: Filippo's gear sheet has been updated.

07 Feb2003

New images!

In the [live] section you can find the images of the last Apeiron's gig in Sitting Bull (Certosa di Pavia).

12 Feb2003

New site section!

From now on, you can visit a new section in the Apeiron website. It is the "Making of... visual" in which you will find all the story about the ideation, planning and development of the artwork of "Endternity". You can reach this page from the [discography] section or by clicking this link: [making of... visual]. It has been updated also the [shop] section: a new selling point was added in Voghera, Northern Italy.

17 Feb2003

New review and gig update

You can find on the web a new, good (7/10) review of "Endternity". You can read it on the pages of [StillBorn Webzine]. News also in live events: the gig booked at La Sfinge in Brescia will feature also [Dying Awkward Angel], a very good melodic death metal band from Turin.

22 Feb2003

New review and update in the download section

You can read on the [Possessed] webzine a new review of "Endternity". To find other reviews you can visit the [media room] section. The [download] section has been updated, dividing all the Mp3 in three sub-sections: full songs, songs samples and live recorded songs. Enjoy the listening!

04 Mar2003

New reviews and new gig!

The month of February ended in a good way for Apeiron: two new reviews and a song "on air". "Endternity" has been reviewed by the webzine [Lethe Warden] and by the italian magazine [Rock Hard] (7,5/10). To read other reviews you can go to the [media room]section. Moreover Apeiron has been played on-air in the australian radio program [Musically Incorrect] with the song "Stone Gazed". News also in live events: saturday 17 May Apeiron will play live in [Comunità Giovanile], Busto Arsizio; the live events will feature also [Morbus Gravis] a good Death Metal band from Swiss. It has also been updated Alessio's gear sheet in the [members] section.

20 Mar2003

New reviews and new live gig!

On the web you can find two new reviews of "Endternity": [Metallian], webzine from Canada, and [Shapeless Zine] from Italy. Apeiron will play a new live gig: april the 5th in Aosta with Illogicist. Changes in the gig scheduled for the 17th of may in Comunità Giovanile: the concert will feature Illogicist and not Morbus Gravis as previously announced.

21 Mar2003

New component for Apeiron!

Apeiron announce the official entrance of the new singer, Sid, in the lineup! Added in the [members] section all the informations about the new vocalist.
Here you can read the official Apeiron communiqué: Vigevano, march 4 2003 - Returning from the last live performance with Dying Awkward Angel, Apeiron announce the new singer, Sid, and his official entry in the band.
Sid has performed live also in the previous gig, and he immediately proved both an excellent vocal ability in screaming and growling, quickly integrated with Apeiron's melodies, and a natural sintony with the rest of the components.
This lays the important and concrete base for the band's creative development, that also sees the beginning of the work for the next album
Since his approach to the metal world 5 years ago, first through bass guitar and after through vocals, Sid has always felt the need to express himself making use of his vocal ability in screaming and growling, only partially satisfied in his former Slayer-tribute band, in which he played entering Apeiron.
Sid will have the opportunity to express his vocal endowment in the new songs, that might be presented live already in the next scheduled gigs.

22 Mar2003

New review!

You can read on the lithuanian webzine [Sacred Angel] a new review of "Endternity". To read other reviews go to the [media room] section.

24 Mar2003

Apeiron members of IMA!

Apeiron have taken part in IMA, the Italian Metal Alliance that gathers more than 200 italian metal bands. For further informations on the alliance you can visit the [IMA] website.

30 Mar2003

New interview and review!

You can find on the web a new Apeiron's interview: to read it go to [Brutalism]. "Endternity" is also "Lights on Demo" on [] with a 8/10 rate! More infos in the [media room] section.

02 Apr2003

New review and new gig!

You can read on the pages of [Metal Scream] a new review of "Endternity". Further infos in the [media room] section.
Scheduled a new gig that will be played in Sitting Bull (Certosa di Pavia) on sunday, may 25th with Decay. Further infos in [live] section.

06 Apr2003

New live show

Scheduled a new gig at La Sfinge, Brescia on friday, july 11th. For further informations you can visit the [live] section.

10 Apr2003


You can find a new "Endternity" review on the pages of [] webzine. Further informations in the [reviews] section.

26 Apr2003

Review and last gig photos

On the pages of [Solemn Music] you can read a new review of "Endternity". You can also see the photos taken in the Chatillon gig (thanks to Marco Dondi) in the [live] section.

04 Mag2003

New selling point

It has been added a new selling point in the [shop] section. It's Renata Music in Como. Here, and in all the other shops listed, you can find "Endternity" at the price of 5 euro. You can also have your copy of the Cd writing to the band using the [] e-mail address.

10 Mag2003

Partecipation at the "Onda Sonora" contest

This evening at 21.30 Apeiron will play at "Fateci Spazio", Vigevano (PV), for the contest "Onda Sonora" that will feature more than 30 bands that will play today and tomorrow.

12 Mag2003

New review and photos of the last live gig

You can find on the web a new review of "Endternity". Go and read it on the pages of []! Further infos in the [media room] section. From now on you can also look at the photos taken during the last live performance visiting the [live] section.

14 Mag2003

Live section updated

In the [live] section it has been added the advert of the next gig that will be held in Comunità Giovanile, Busto Arsizio. This concert will feature also Illogicist.

14 Mag2003

Aggiornata la sezione concerti

It has been added in the [live] section the advert of the live gig that will be played on sunday, may 25th in Sitting Bull, Certosa di Pavia with Dead Winter Grace.

19 Mag2003

New update

New update for a new shop (Spazio Musica in Aosta) has been added to the list of those present in the [shop] section (thanks to Luca); the images of the saturday night gig in Comunità Giovanile, Busto Arsizio has been uploaded (to open them visit the [live] section); updated the [links] section.

22 Mag2003

New review

A new very good review of "Endternity" is published on the pages of "Psycho!", an important italian magazine. Apeiron appear also on the enclosed Cd with the song "The Chant", in Mp3 format. You can read the review (only in italian) visiting the [media room] section.

27 Mag2003


You can read, on the pages of [], a new review of "Endternity". More Apeiron's reviews in the [media room] section. Added in the [live] section the photos taken in the last live gig played in Sitting Bull, Certosa di Pavia.

03 Giu2003

New concert

The next Apeiron concert will be at Highlander Pub in Zinasco (PV) and it's planned for friday, july 4th. Together with Apeiron will play also Black Magic, a Slayer tribute band. More infos in the [live] section.

19 Giu2003

New live gig!

Apeiron will take part to the Italian Metal Gods fest that will be held at Black Hole in Milan on sunday, june 29th (gate opening at 13:00). This event will feature also bands like Beholder and Kenos. To purchase the ticket you can contact the band using the [] e-mail address or calling the phone number +39 338 4306682. The price for the ticket is 10 euros (two drinks included). To have a look at the advert you can visit the [live] section. In the same section it has been added the advert of the gig that will be played at Highlander Pub, Zinasco (PV) on friday, july 4th.

08 Lug2003


The gig scheduled for friday, july 11th at La Sfinge, Brescia has been cancelled due to reasons that go beyond the will of the band and of the pub. Apeiron apologize for the event.

13 Lug2003

New images added

The photos of the last two live gig have been added: june 29th in Black Hole, Milan and july 4th in Highlander Pub, Zinasco. You can see them visiting the [live] section.

20 Lug2003


"Endternity" gets another positive review: Metal Express (a serbian magazine) has valued first Apeiron's work with a 8,5/10 rating. You can have a look at the review visiting the [media room] section.

26 Ago2003

New photos added opens back after the summer pause with a new update. From now on you can find in the [live] section new photos taken during three live gig played by Apeiron in 2002: you can see the images of the concerts in Casalbeltrame, Ares Pub in november 29th, in Bellinzona (Swiss), Peter Pan in december 6th and in Busto Arsizio, Comunità Giovanile in december 8th.
Updates also in the [members] section. New infos have been added in [Federico]'s personal sheet.

16 Set2003

New gigs scheduled

Two new gigs have been scheduled in autumn. You can enjoy Apeiron live with Necroart in october 4th at Tempio, Pietra de' Giorgi (PV) and in november 1st as support band of Death Dies at Sitting Bull, Certosa di Pavia (PV). More infos in the [live] section.
Updated also the [links]section with the insertion of "Death Dies" and "Delirium X Tremens" links.

01 Ott2003

Interview for StillBorn Webzine

From now on, you can read a new Apeiron's interview on the pages of StillBorn Webzine (only in italian, sorry!). Further infos, and the page link, in the [media room] section.

05 Ott2003


Apeiron apologize to all the fans that yesterday night went to the Tempio in Pietra de' Giorgi and to the pub itself, for the cancellation of the scheduled gig due to problems that go beyond the will of Apeiron and of the pub.

18 Ott2003

New review

It has been published a new review of "Enternity" in the pages of [Metal Storm]. Further infos, and the link to the review, in the [media room] section. Updates in the [live] section too with the insertion of the advert of the the gig that will be played in november 1st as support band of Death Dies at Sitting Bull, Certosa di Pavia (PV).

01 Nov2003

New photos and updates in the members section

New photos added, in the [live] section, taken during the last gig at Sitting Bull, Certosa di Pavia (PV), saturday, november 1st.
Updates also in the[members] section with new infos in [Federico]'s personal sheet.

16 Nov2003

New review

New "Endternity" review, the first Apeiron's demo-Cd has been reviewed on the pages of [Moonlight Shadow], further infos in the [media room] section.

26 Nov2003

Added new Mp3

Big update in the [download] section: now you can download 3 new songs, one from "Endternity" and the others live recorded. From the Demo-cd it is now possible to download also Wavespell in the full version; besides this it is possible to hear two songs recorded during the May 2003 gig in Busto Arsizio: Burning Soul, working title for a new Apeiron's song and a cover version of Dead Eternity by In Flames. Both songs have been recorded with the new line-up, with Sid as vocalist.

29 Dic2003

Battle of the Metal Bands

Apeiron are registered to the [Battle of the Metal Bands] contest organized by, with the contribution of Metal Hammer and Transilvania Horror Rock Cafe and opened to all the metal bands without a deal.
The bands will be voted by a public and a jury that shall value the song loaded on the band's personal page on Apeiron will partecipate with the song "The Chant" from the first demo-Cd "Enternity". The [band's page] presents a short biography besides the opinion on the band given by Metallus.
It is possible to vote phoning to the 899.189905 number: you will be asked to type the band's code (0145). The service is available only from Italy.

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