Engraved in Eternity

Twenty pillars from the land's eye
time vanishes in distant memoirs
she held the key to many fates
but wisdom left her mind shattered
Ice cold eyes may glance through darkness
ages revolve in perennial quests
a voice may call stealthy paws
existance entrusted to a sword of Damocles

thy calling imbues ether with fear
thy desperate cries for no-man to hear

Aged to learn what all ignore
raised by mother earth itself
sister of all unending matter
a stone womb bred blood flooded veins

Screams have filled milleniums
a silver cage locks golden reasons
merciless destiny that of wailing for eternity
cursed before curse ever was

a feline given as companion
remembered only in oblivion

one day thy tedious being may end
but lives shall be bound to thine
each facing wages for one's sins
each uncertain in one's destination

but many have gone before thee
thy eternal repose has been long yearned
may come thy choice for peace
and flights of angels will sing thee to thy rest